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PROSIT aims at identifying, designing and testing innovative solutions for improving vineyard resilience to drought by harnessing the natural resources of endophyte microbial communities. PROSIT will unravel the role of microbiome-grapevine association in the response of the plant to drought stress, and harness the potential of natural biodiversity of microbiome arisen in regions with different climatic conditions to define microbe consortia to be used in sustainable viticultural practices in future adverse environmental conditions. More closely, our research aims to understand to which extent different Vitis vinifera varieties adaptation to water deficit is influenced by the microbiome, and whether such a beneficial microbiome is transmissible to other varieties.


The OVERALL GOAL of PROSIT is to characterize and harness the plant-associated microbial biodiversity in making typical Mediterranean agroecosystems..


PROSIT is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach based on morphological, physiological and molecular analyses. The project can..


PROSIT will bring direct benefits in terms of reduction of the workload associated with irrigation operations, reduction of costs for the construction and maintenance of water supply and..

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Michela Zottini

University of Padova – UNIPD

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Alex Costa

University of Milan – UNIMIL

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Philippe Gallusci

French National institute for Agricultural Research

Arezki Lehad

Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique

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National Research Council – IBBR

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Max Planck Institute for Molecolar Plant Physiology

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