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The OVERALL GOAL of PROSIT is to characterize and harness the plant-associated microbial biodiversity in making typical Mediterranean agroecosystems more resilient to climate change


1. To identify, generate and multiply the starting grapevine material (WP1 – Material collection and selection) – MT: collection of at least 2 grapevine varieties for each partner Countries


PROSIT will bring direct benefits in terms of reduction of the workload associated with irrigation operations, reduction of costs for the construction and maintenance of water supply and

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Partners of the project

Michela Zottini

University of Padova – UNIPD

Alex Costa

University of Milan – UNIMIL

Philippe Gallusci

French National institute for Agricultural Research

Arezki Lehad

Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique

Davide Pacifico

National Research Council – IBBR

Alisdair Fernie

Max Planck Institute for Molecolar Plant Physiology

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