News The Prosit Project in the plant Journal

The Prosit Project in the plant Journal

An article dedicated to the Prosit Project has been published in the prestigious scientific journal the plant journal where project objectives are presented. The implementation of the use of endophytic microorganisms will contribute to the opening of new perspectives for agriculture, – it reads – by optimizing beneficial natural resources in order to create an integrated agro-biological system. A viable and nature-compliant way to optimize the ability of crops to cope with increasing drought and plant diseases. The article, written with contributions from all the project partners: University of Padua, University of Milan, CNR-IBBR, ENSA, INRAE, and Max Plant Institute, emphasizes how the methodological and scientific approach proposed by the Prosit Project is important for finding readily applicable solutions to be adopted in viticulture, as well as attempting to provide a model that can be used more generally in other areas of horticulture and viticulture.
Read the full article: Smart selection of soil microbes for resilient and sustainable viticulture

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